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Russian Vaccine Coming Soon to India, Says Rajnath | India News


LUCK: Defense Minister and Lucknow MP Rajnath Singh said on Tuesday that the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against the dreaded Covid-19 disease will soon arrive in India.
The union minister spoke on the 114th and 115th day of the founding of King George Medical University (KGMU) virtually from his office in New Delhi.
“Roos mai bani Sputnik vaccine ki khet bhi jald hee Bharat arahi hai … aesa mujhe batlaya gaya hai (I am told, a large batch of Sputnik vaccine made in Russia will also arrive in India very soon)”, said the Minister defense.
Singh also claimed that the Indian government was well prepared for the dissemination of the Covid vaccine, which will first be administered to healthcare workers. “We are hopeful that the scientists will finish all the trials and tests shortly,” he said.
Singh, who called frontline healthcare workers the true superheroes of this era, applauded the medical fraternity for its sacrifices to humanity in this hour of covid crisis.
“No Batman or Superman would have saved the world if it hadn’t been for these wonderful women and supermen. We will always be indebted to the medical community for it,” Singh said as his speech was broadcast live.
The Defense Minister went on to reiterate that Indian health spending is just 1.16% of GDP, which is one of the lowest spending among all BRICS nations.
“Almost 59% of expenditures are out-of-pocket health expenses, which is enough to break the backs of our middle class and the poor. If it weren’t for the private sector, the state of health services would have been even worse. worrying. Work is being done under the Ayushman Bharat scheme to cover this responsibility and the Government of India has spent Rs 17,000 crore on 1.5 crore beneficiaries, “Singh said.
Comparing the 2014 and 2020 figures, the minister stated that against 381 medical schools at the time, there are 541 medical schools currently operating in the country. Medical entries that were close to 55,000 in 2014 now exceed 80,000 and 22 AIIMS are in the works.
“However, the number of medical and medical colleges that are required at the moment is still very low. For this, they are working on 3.5 lakh community health providers,” he said.

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