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Prime Minister Modi to release cash and speak to farmers at Dec.25 scope


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the next tranche of PM-Kisan, the direct cash transfer scheme for farmers, which will make payments worth 18 billion rupees to 80 million farmers and will also chat with some of them virtually on the day Christmas, said the Ministry of Agriculture. .

Modi launched the first tranche in 2019 and will do so again at a time when thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab, are protesting three farm laws that they say will damage their livelihoods. The government says the reforms will give farmers more market access and boost investment in the agricultural sector.

“It will be a free conversation. The Prime Minister is likely to speak about the new agricultural laws and how they will benefit farmers, ”said an official, requesting anonymity.

Under PM-Kisan, the government provides income support of ₹ 6,000 a year to farmers with valid enrollment, paid in three equal cash transfers of ₹ 2,000, one every four months. It was launched on February 24, 2019, when the first installment was paid.

The prime minister will most likely ask farmers impromptu questions about how they have benefited from the scheme and “will inform them about what they are growing and what else they want done for them before the budget,” the official said.

Farmers from all four corners of the country will be connected online via panchayat for interaction, according to the official.

The Prime Minister also intends to use the session to receive comments on the realities of agriculture on the ground, he said.

The Modi government has increased its outreach to farmers in the face of continued massive upheaval from thousands of farmers who have surrounded Delhi and are calling for the removal of a set of land reform laws. The protest entered its 26th day on Monday.

PM Modi has been frequently explaining the benefits of agricultural reforms, often reassuring farmers that the existing government support mechanism will continue, including minimum price support and agricultural mandis.

“Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has expressed his feelings by writing a letter to farmer brothers and sisters, trying to maintain a polite dialogue. I ask all farmers to read it, ”Prime Minister Modi tweeted on Thursday.

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