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Pakistan Issues Visas to Indian Pilgrims to Visit Historic Temples | India News


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has issued visas to Indian pilgrims to visit the holy sites of Shahdani Darbar in Sukkur and the temples of Shri Katas Raj in the Chakwal district of Punjab at a time when ties between the two countries are at an all-time low. .
While a group of 44 pilgrims returned to India after visiting Shahdani Darbar, Pakistan’s high commission in New Delhi on Monday issued visas to another 47 Indian pilgrims to visit the Shri Katas Raj temples, also known as the Qila Katas or complex. of temples of Katas. in Chakwal, from December 23 to 29. The Katas Raj temples surround a sacred pool for Hindu devotees.
The pilgrims who returned to India had participated in the celebrations for the 312th birthday of Shiv Avtari Satguru Sant Shadaram Sahib in Sukkur from December 15 to 21.
Over three centuries old, the Shahdani Darbar Temple is a sacred place for devotees from all over the world. The temple was founded in 1786 by Sant Shamdaram Sahib, who was born in Lahore in 1708.
Thousands of Hindu and Indian Sikh pilgrims visit Pakistan under the bilateral agreement “1974 Protocol on Visits to Religious Shrines” to observe various religious festivals each year.

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