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Invest in desi talent, PM Modi tells the world | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday urged the global community to “invest in Indian talent and innovate in India,” saying the country has the brightest minds and the government is ready to tackle any challenge in addition to improving the environment for research.
“The biggest long-term challenge facing science is attracting high-quality youth and retaining them. Often times, mastery of technology and engineering seems more attractive to young people than pure science. However, for any country to develop, it needs science to drive it forward. Because, as they say: what is called science today, becomes tomorrow’s technology and an engineering solution later, “said the prime minister when opening the VI India International Science Festival (IISF), the festival will take place until December 25.
He said: “All our efforts are aimed at making India the most trusted center for scientific learning. At the same time, we want our scientific community to share and grow with the best of global talent. It is no wonder that India has become very active in hosting and participating in hackathons. They are held in India and abroad. It offers both exposure and opportunity to our scientists. ”
The scientific body linked to RSS, Vigyan Bharati, is the knowledge partner of the department of science and technology of the IISF.
The theme of this year’s festival is “Science for Self-Sufficient India and Global Well-being.”

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