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How PM Modi focused on empowering women in AMU leadership | India News


NEW DELHI: A major part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Tuesday at an event to mark the centennial celebrations of Aligarh Muslim University was dedicated to the uplift and empowerment of women.
In his videoconference speech, the prime minister gave an account of how the construction of toilets had helped lower the dropout rate of Muslim girls in schools from the previous 70% to 30%.
He said he met a student from the Muslim University of Aligarh (AMU) who is also an Islamic scholar who said that under the Swachh Bharat Mission, when more than 10 million toilets were built in the country, everyone benefited. These baths were also built without discrimination. This helped dramatically reduce the attrition rate.
Modi said: “There was a time when the dropout rate for Muslim daughters in our country was over 70 percent. In the progress of Muslim society, the desertion of daughters like this has always been a major obstacle. But for 70 years, the situation here was that more than 70 percent of Muslim daughters could not complete their studies.
“It was in these conditions that the Swachh Bharat Mission began, baths were built. The government built separate toilets for female students who went to school in mission mode. What is the situation in front of the country today? The school dropout rate for Muslim daughters was previously more than 70 percent, now it has dropped to around 30 percent, he said.
The prime minister said millions of Muslim daughters dropped out of school earlier due to lack of toilets. Things are changing now.
He said that the central government is constantly trying to reduce the abandonment rate for Muslim daughters. A “bridging course” is being taught for dropout students at AMU itself.
He said: “And now they have told me one more thing that is very nice. The number of female students at AMU has now increased to 35 percent. I would like to congratulate you all. The government is very focused on the education of Muslim daughters, their empowerment. In the last six years, the government has awarded scholarships to almost one million Muslim daughters. ”
Prime Minister Modi said there should be no discrimination on the grounds of gender. Everyone should have the same rights, benefit of the development of the country, was one of the priorities of the establishment of AMU.
He said: “Even today, the AMU has the distinction that the Begum Sultan assumed responsibility from its founding chancellor. This can be done in the circumstances of a hundred years ago, you can guess. The effort to build a modern Muslim society began at that time, the country has carried it forward by ending the practice of triple talaq. ”
Prime Minister Modi said it was previously said that if one woman receives an education, the whole family receives an education. “This is true. But it also has a deep meaning beyond family education. Women have to be educated so that they can exercise their rights properly, decide their own future,” she said.
He went on to say that education brings employment and entrepreneurship. Employment and entrepreneurship bring financial independence. Empowerment comes from financial independence. An empowered woman contributes equally to all decisions, at all levels, as much as anyone else.
Modi said: “So, either to give direction to the family or to give direction to the country. Today, when I speak to you, I will also ask other educational institutions in the country to involve more and more daughters in education. And take them not only to education but to higher education. ”
Prime Minister Modi also spoke about other fields besides education in which the government had tried to uplift Muslim women. He said that the country today is also advancing on the path where each citizen benefits from the development that is happening in the country without any discrimination. “Today the country advances along the path in which no one is left behind because of religion, everyone should have the same opportunities to advance, everyone can fulfill their dreams. ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Biswas’ is its fundamental base. ”
He reiterated that bank accounts of over 40 million poor rupees were opened without any discrimination. Without discrimination, pucca houses were provided to more than 2 million poor people. More than 8 million women obtained gas connections without discrimination.
“Right now, 80 million compatriots were guaranteed free food without any discrimination, crown. 50 crore people received free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh under the Ayushman scheme without any discrimination. What belongs to the country belongs to every compatriot and every citizen should be benefited, our government is working with this spirit, “he added.

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