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‘His lies would be challenged’: Mamata Banerjee tells BJP top management


Two days after Union Interior Minister Amit Shah attacked the West Bengal government for alleged anarchy and delayed development in the state, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said all the BJP’s lies would be questioned.

After giving a point-by-point rebuttal on Tuesday, the chief minister said that while giving all the answers to the union’s interior minister, Shah should give him a taste of Gujarati dishes.

“He (Shah) projected Bengal as a land of nightmares as if the state had not registered any development and the state was synonymous with unemployment. If you tell the truth I have no problem, but I would challenge all your lies, “he said while speaking to the media at the secretary of state.

He said that the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) has increased 2.7 times since 2011, tax revenues have increased 2.9 times and capital expenditures have increased 7.2 times over the same period. .

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“He (Shah) said that Bengal ranks 20th in industrial production. We are saying that Bengal is in fourth place. He said Bengal is ranked 16th when it comes to state GDP. We are saying that our rank is second in India. He said that FDI in the state has fallen. We are saying that it has increased by more than 700 percent since 2011, ”Banerjee said while launching an open challenge to the union minister.

He also said that the state occupies the leading position on many fronts, including poverty eradication, providing 100 days of work, MSMEs sector, providing scholarships to minorities, skills development and construction of rural roads and rural houses, among others.

“I have given all the answers. Now Amit Shah owes me a gift. I want Gujarati dishes – Dhokla. There is another dish that I love to eat but I can’t remember the name, ”Banerjee said.

However, the BJP demanded that Banerjee publish a white paper. Congress also demanded a white paper on how much investment the state has attracted, job creation and the unemployment situation.

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