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FBI Information Leads to Arrest of Jammu and Kashmir Man for ‘Sex Fraud Against American Children’ | India News


NEW DELHI: According to information received from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the CBI arrested a 35-year-old man from Srinagar on charges of running an online child abuse scam from India, targeting minors living in the United States.
The suspect, Niyaz Ahmed Mir, uploaded pornographic videos and images on the dark web for financial gain and also participated in direct communication with many minors in the United States, authorities said. He was allegedly running the business with his wife, Tamara Stanley, who was involved in a “master-slave relationship” with her husband, the agency said.
Following Mir’s instructions, he allegedly exploited minors, recorded these abuses and sent them to them via multimedia messages and emails, authorities said.
Stanley, it became known, was arrested on June 25 in an ongoing cybercrime investigation that began in March on a complaint received by police about an Indian national and Stanley who sexually exploited a teenage girl. She is housed in the federal detention center in SeaTac, Washington, and was investigated by the FBI.
Sources said the couple was accused of abusing at least five minors in addition to recording and broadcasting the act. There are allegations related to blackmail in which they allegedly shared explicit images of the children with their family if they refused to comply.
In Stanley’s case, investigators had obtained a judicially authorized search warrant for his email account, and their review had revealed sexually explicit images. The agency tracked down his whereabouts and arrested him. The CBI special unit searched the Mir facility. The CBI reserved Mir under the Pocso Law and TI Law sections. He was brought before a Srinagar court on Tuesday.

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