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Bengal BJP Leader Sends Divorce Notice To Wife Who Joined TMC


Kolkata: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Saumitra Khan sent a divorce notice to his wife Sujata Mondol Khan on Tuesday, a day after he joined the ruling Trinamool Congress.

The legal notice of “mutual divorce under section 13 (B) of the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955” stated that the couple was not on cordial terms and had been living separately for the past six months. The couple could be contacted for their comments.

Meanwhile, the state administration stationed four policemen at Sujata’s home in Bankura district, while three armed policemen were deployed to provide 24-hour security.

Twists and turns straight from a Bollywood movie set on the West Bengal political scene on Monday, shortly after Sujata joined TMC.

“Sujata, I’ll send you the papers for the mutual divorce. Please sign them and do not use Khan, my last name, starting today, ”Saumitra said excitedly at a press conference on Monday as a family drama involving melodramatic exchanges between him and his wife was broadcast on live television.

Later that day, Sujata said in a media interview: “I married him against the wishes of my family. I love it and always will. I still have the red sindoor (vermilion) on my forehead (sign of a married woman). ”

“Can a personal relationship end in divorce because of politics? No TMC leader told me that I had to divorce him to join the party, ”he added.

Saumitra is a former TMC leader who joined the BJP in January 2019. He was a member of TMC’s Lok Sabha from Bishnupur in Bankura district. He retained the seat by competing for the BJP and was appointed president of the state BJYM about three months ago.

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