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Assam Cabinet Passes Bill to Make Bodo the Official Language of the Associated State


Assam’s cabinet passed the Assam Official Language Amendment Bill on Tuesday to make Bodo (in Devanagari script) an associated official language of the state.

The development comes 11 months after the signing of the third Bodo peace agreement between the Center, the Assam government, four Bodo rebel groups, and two Bodo organizations, which included the declaration of Bodo as an associated official language as one of the clauses. .

According to the 2011 census, there are about 14.16 lakh Bodo speakers in Assam (4.53% of the state’s total population).

The bill is expected to be tabled at the next assembly session scheduled for later this month. It would be the last session of the assembly before the elections scheduled for March-April next year.

The cabinet also approved the creation of the Bodo Kachari autonomous welfare council, another clause of the Bodo agreement signed in January this year.

A proposal for amendments to the laws of the autonomous councils of Kamtapur, Motak and Moran was also approved, introducing provisions for the formation of interim governments.

The cabinet also approved the acquisition of land through direct purchase in the form of a negotiated agreement for the improvement of state highways and major roads in the district.

Hindustan Times