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AMU Has Helped Strengthen India’s Ties With Other Countries: Prime Minister Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday that the Muslim University of Aligarh (AMU) has contributed to strengthening India’s relations with other countries during the 100 years of its existence. Research conducted at AMU on various Islamic languages ​​and literature has given new energy to India’s cultural relations with the Islamic world, the prime minister said while speaking at the university team’s centennial celebrations.

“Over the past 100 years, AMU has also worked to strengthen India’s relations with many countries around the world. Research conducted here on Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages, research on Islamic literature, gives new energy to India’s cultural relations with the entire Islamic world, ”said Prime Minister Modi during his virtual speech.

The Prime Minister said that the history of education attached to AMU buildings is a valuable heritage of India. “Today AMU people have been trained in hundreds of countries around the world, along with the best places in India. The educated people of AMU represent the culture of India, anywhere in the world. The history of education attached to the AMU buildings is a valuable heritage of India, ”said Prime Minister Modi.

“I often meet former AMU students during my visits abroad, who proudly say they are from AMU. The university campus is like a city … We also see a mini India. AMU diversity is the power of a country. We must not forget this force or let it weaken. We have to work to strengthen the feeling of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat,’ ”he added.

The Prime Minister also released a postage stamp as part of AMU’s centennial celebrations. This is the first time that PM Modi has participated in a program at the Muslim University of Aligarh. AMU became a university in 1920 through an act of the Legislative Council of India elevating the Mohammedan Anglo East (MAO) College, which was established in 1877 by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, to the status of a central university team.

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