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AMU Centennial Celebrations: Politics Can Wait, Development Can’t, Says Prime Minister | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong push to build a new India and create a self-sufficient nation, saying on Tuesday that politics can wait but the country’s development cannot.
Speaking at the Muslim University of Aligarh’s centennial celebrations, he said the country has already wasted time in the last century due to differences.
“When we talk about the vision of the new India, we should not see the development of the nation through a political prism. When we come together for a larger goal, some elements may be altered. Such elements can be found anywhere. world society. They have their own vested interests. They will do anything to satisfy their vested interests and spread negativity, “he said.
“But when the idea of ​​building a new India is supreme in our minds and hearts, the spaces of these people will be reduced. Politics can wait, society can wait, but the development of the country cannot wait. The poor and exploited and young people do not want to wait. Due to differences, the nation has already lost time in the last century. Now we have no time to waste. We all have to move towards building a self-sufficient India, “he said.
The Prime Minister said that the country’s resources belong to all citizens and everyone should benefit from them.
Prime Minister Modi said that the country is advancing on the path where all citizens would reap the benefits of the development that is taking place in the country without any discrimination.
“The country is on the road where all citizens must be sure of their constitutional rights and their future. The country is on the road where no citizen would be left behind because of their religion and everyone would have the same opportunities so that everyone can fulfill their “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas is the mantra behind this,” he said.
Earlier in the day, PM Modi released a postage stamp as part of AMU’s centennial celebrations. This is the first time that PM Modi has participated in a program at the Muslim University of Aligarh.

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