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Prime Minister Modi proposes the creation of a Buddhist literature library in India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed creating a library dedicated to traditional Buddhist literature and scriptures, adding that India would be happy to host the facility and provide adequate resources for it.

The library will collect digital copies of all Buddhist literature from different countries, aim to translate them and make them available to all Buddhist monks and scholars, he said.

Addressing virtually the sixth Indo-Japan Samwad Conference, the prime minister said that the forum, which was launched five years ago, has done a great job in promoting the ideas and ideals of Lord Buddha, especially among young people.

“The forum has remained true to its core values ​​of democracy, humanism, non-violence, freedom and tolerance and carries forward our longstanding tradition of spiritual and academic exchanges,” he said.

Addressing the conference, he said that it is time to build on our ancient values ​​and keep humanism at the center of our policies. “Discussions about global growth cannot happen only among a few. The table should be bigger. The agenda must be broader. Growth patterns must follow a human-centered approach. And be in harmony with our surroundings, ”said PM Modi.

“In the past, humanity often took the path of confrontation rather than collaboration. From imperialism to world wars. From the arms race to the space race. We had dialogues, but they were meant to bring others down. Now, let’s stand up together … We must keep humanism at the center of our policies. We must make harmonious coexistence with nature as the central pillar of our existence, “he added.

Hours earlier, the prime minister tweeted that he would address the conference. “At 9:30 AM, he will be speaking at the 6th Indo-Japan Samwad Conference. This forum has grown enormously over the years, contributing to speeches on promoting peace, harmony and world brotherhood, ”he tweeted.

Hindustan Times