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NIA arrests 17 SDPI and PFI activists in case of riots in Bengaluru


The National Investigation Agency, which is investigating the riots that occurred in Bengaluru on August 11, 2020, following a Facebook post by the nephew of a Congressional MLA on Monday, said it had arrested 17 SDPI and PFI activists for your involvement in the riots.

In a press release, the NIA said that the investigation so far had revealed that SDPI leaders, including Md Sharieff, Bengaluru District President Imran Ahmed, President KG Halli Ward, along with other high-level leaders such as Rubah Waqas, Shabbar Khan and Shaik Ajmal, had held meetings in Thanissandra and KG Halli districts on the night of August 11.

The statement said that the leaders had conspired, mobilized and led the crowds gathered at the KG Halli police station to attack police personnel, causing extensive damage to public and police vehicles. He also appointed others such as Abbas, Nagawara District SDPI President, and associates Azil Pasha, Irfan Khan and Akbar Khan to mobilize large crowds.

NIA in the statement also said that the investigation had revealed the use of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to spread terror among people and mobilize them. In the case so far, 187 defendants have been detained and further investigations are underway.

The riots were caused after community members were offended by an alleged derogatory post about their prophet by Naveen, Pulikeshinagar MLA Congress nephew Akhanda Srinivas Murthy. Three people were killed in the subsequent attempt to stop the unrest and bring peace. On September 11, the Yediyurappa government turned over the investigation of the riots to the NIA.

Hindustan Times