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New Strain of Coronavirus in UK Triggers Series of Travel Bans Ahead of Holiday Season: Highlights | India News

NEW DELHI: The new strain of coronavirus, said to be 70% more transmissible, has left countries scrambling to announce travel bans even as the world approaches the Christmas and New Year holidays.
On December 19, the UK had announced that the new variant of the new coronavirus was “out of control”.
Amid fears about the highly infectious new mutant strain of the novel coronavirus, several countries have imposed travel bans on the UK and some are imposing closures.
Here’s how the world is responding to the new strain of coronavirus:

  • UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that London could be on lockdown for months as it will be “very difficult” to keep a highly infectious mutant strain of the novel coronavirus under control until vaccines are implemented. The new stricter restrictions will be reviewed on December 30.

  • Saudi Arabia has stopped all international flights for a week. The ban, which went into effect Sunday, also applies to passenger entry into the Kingdom through land and sea ports, Gulf News quoted the source as saying.

  • All passenger flights from Britain to the Netherlands have been banned until January 1, the Dutch government said.

  • A case of the new variant of the virus has been found in the country.

  • Israel said it was banning entry to foreign nationals traveling from Britain, Denmark and South Africa.

  • Several European nations, including Italy, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, have banned flights to and from the UK.

  • In Australia, a new coronavirus outbreak on Sydney’s north beaches involving 83 confirmed cases in the past week prompted multiple border closures between states. Australia prided itself on a tough response to a pandemic that included the closure of international borders and the order of closures, resulting in a low death rate by global standards.

  • Britain’s neighbor Ireland is expected to restrict flights and ferries. Eurostar announced that it would cancel trains between London, Brussels and Amsterdam from Monday, but trains on the London-Paris route will continue to operate.

  • Scotland also effectively closed the border with England.

  • France said on Sunday it will stop all travel from Britain for 48 hours starting at midnight Sunday, including travel “related to the transport of goods by road, air, sea or rail.”

  • Germany will halt all air links with the United Kingdom starting at midnight on Sunday, with the ban initially scheduled to last until December 31. Cargo flights will be exempt.

  • Anyone already in Italy and who has recently traveled from Britain should be tested for the coronavirus, the statement added.

  • The new strain of the virus was found in a person in Italy who recently returned from Britain, the Health Ministry said.

  • Canada has banned all UK flights for 72 hours. Those who had already arrived from Britain on Sunday would be subject to secondary examinations and “advanced measures.”

  • The three Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have stopped all passenger flights from the UK. Lithuania will still allow flights to leave for the UK, while Estonia and Latvia have stopped them as well.

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