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MP government cautious by order of the EC in investigation against officials and ministers


Madhya Pradesh’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government is proceeding with caution in a statement from the Election Commission of India (ECI) suggesting an investigation of at least three officers from the Indian Police Service (IPS), a official of the state administrative service and several politicians for alleged use of money unaccounted for in the 2019 general elections.

The politicians include three ministers from Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government and two former ministers whose names came up during income tax raids on two advisers to then-Chief Minister Kamal Nath and some others associated with them in connection with allegations they had made. “extensive use of unaccounted for cash” during the elections, according to officials who requested anonymity and an official statement from the ECI, which asked the government to register a case following an investigation by the Economic Crimes Section (EOW). has posted on his website.

What has worried the state government are the names of several politicians from the ruling party, including ministers, in a report by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) presented to the state government last week; some are said to be looking at vacant cabinet positions, officials said. The CBDT report may delay a planned cabinet expansion, BJP officials said.

The names of these officers and politicians came to light during raids against then-Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s political advisor, RK Miglani, the then Special Duty Officer for Nath, Praveen Kakkad and some others associated with the two, in Bhopal and Delhi in April 2019,according to the IT department.

The official ECI statement read: “After deliberations, the Commission ordered to send a copy of the CBDT report dated 10.28.2020 to the electoral director, Madhya Pradesh, to file a criminal action with the designated authority, for example, The Economic Crimes Wing, Madhya Pradesh State Against Concerned About Violation Of Existing Election Laws And Other Relevant Laws. The Commission has also ordered the union’s interior secretary to initiate appropriate departmental action against All India Service officials and also the chief secretary, Madhya Pradesh, for a similar action against the state official.

Asked by reporters about the report’s findings, Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said: “The law will run its own course and no one will be saved.”

Interior Minister Narottam Mishra spoke in a similar vein. He said: “ECI and CBDT sent the report to the electoral director and the state secretary general after an investigation. Per ECI instructions, the matter will be referred to the EOW for action to be taken. No one will be saved if he is involved in corrupt practices. ”

EOW Police Superintendent Rajesh Mishra said: “EOW has not received any reports yet.”

When contacted and asked if the ECI had set a deadline for the state government to submit a first information report on the case, Madhya Pradesh Deputy Electoral Director Dharnendra Kumar Jain said: “There is no deadline. The state government is expected to review the report and take action on its part. ”

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