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Kruti Dharaiya Wins 2020 Geek Goddess Champion Trophy and Surpasses 70,000 Coders | India News

NEW DELHI: In a classic story of a small town girl knocking over tables, little girl Surat Kruti Dharaiya took home the Geek Goddess 2020 champion trophy. This is her second biggest win in a span of 4 months. Kruti had won the Code Diva coder trophy at the Guinness TechGig Code Gladiators 2020 World Record Holder event in August.
A graduate of the National Institute of Technology in Surat, Kruti beat out 70,097 women in technology to earn the title of Geek Goddess.
TechGig Geek Goddess is an annual coding contest for tech women that provides a national platform for participants to show off their programming skills. Conceptualized in 2016, this code contest concluded its 2020 edition with a virtual professional fair and a grand finale on December 4-5, 2020.
Kruti, an employee of e-commerce giant Amazon in Bengaluru, said it was her first time entering such contests.
She loves competitive programming and is currently focused on learning the nuances of her new job. This is your first time participating in Geek Goddess and Code Gladiators.
“I participated in Geek Goddess because I know that this platform helps participants to effortlessly network with their peers and also puts you on the radar of the best recruiters,” he said.
Speaking about the event, TimesJobs and TechGig Commercial Director Sanjay Goyal said: “Geek Goddess represents the adage that alone we can do so little, and together we can do so much. This is not just a coding contest, but a collective increase in Indian female technologists. In 2016, when the first edition of Geek Goddess was announced, about 15,000 participants were registered. Today, in the sixth edition, this number is more than 4 times with 70,097 registrations. ”
Winners and awards aside, meeting industry icons is an unbeatable opportunity. As Snehlata Mishra, 2018 Geek Goddess Coding Champion and 2019 Runner-Up, put it, “I had the opportunity to meet a lot of leading women on the Geek Goddess floor. In fact, after the victory, my social media accounts started to get an immense number of followers and, suddenly, as an engineer, I became something of an icon. ”

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