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India’s leopard population increases by 60%, reaches 12,852: government report


The leopard population in India has increased by 60 percent, according to a report released by the government on Monday.

The report ‘State of the leopard in India 2018’, released by the Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar, said that India now has 12,852 leopards.

“There has been an increase of more than 60 percent in the population over the previous estimate that was made in 2014,” Javadekar said after publishing the report.

He also mentioned the states that have the highest number of leopards.

“Congratulations to the states of MP (3,421), Karnataka (1783) and Maharashtra (1690) who have recorded the highest estimates of leopards. The increasing population of tigers, lions and leopards in recent years is a testament to the nascent wildlife and biodiversity, ”Javadekar said on Twitter.

Leopards are among the most adaptable carnivores and are known to exist in close proximity to human dwellings.

A study conducted earlier this year had found four distinct subpopulations of leopards in India with high genetic variations: leopards of the Western Ghats, the semi-arid Deccan Plateau region, the Shivalik Mountains and the Terai region of northern India. .

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