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CBI will complete most of its corruption investigations in nine months


The Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) has decided to complete most of its investigations under the Corruption Prevention Act (PC) within a maximum period of nine months, according to the agency’s latest Crime Manual, updated after 15 years .

The one-year deadline in corruption cases will apply only in those cases where a high-ranking government official, such as a Co-Secretary or Secretary, is accused and the investigation is being supervised by an additional director or a higher official at the CBI, people familiar with the development said.

For cases against lower-ranking government officials, such as secretaries or section officers, etc., CBI Investigative Officers (IOs) must complete investigations within six months.

The latest CBI Crime Handbook, which has been prepared by a task force led by Additional Director Praveen Sinha after consulting legal experts, retired agency officials and other experts, has for the first time provided a provision to form “teams investigation “in complex cases. rather than relying on an Investigating Officer (IO). The manual, to which IWC officers refer when initiating a Preliminary Investigation (PE) or First Information Report (FIR) and conducting an investigation, had become out of date as the courts had repealed several criminal laws and had been amended various laws as well.

The Corruption Prevention Law, the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) have also been modified since then, and the Supreme Court has issued several sentences, which have now been updated in the new manual for the benefit of IOs, said the official. .

The manual also places special emphasis on investigations abroad. The officials cited above said that a special chapter has been dedicated in the manual that explains how to conduct investigations abroad, as well as the procedures and operation of Interpol.

“We have extensively revised our SOPs (standard operating procedures) to improve the speed and quality of the investigation and in line with global best practices,” said an official who did not want to be named. The new manual will explain to IOs the procedure for collecting digital evidence, as a large number of cases related to child pornography, phishing, bitcoins, etc. are being reported. that have international ramifications.

It also has information on the operation of CBI’s preventive surveillance so that field units can use it, officials said.

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