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Call NDA and RLP Breakup Dec 26, Says Hanuman Beniwal


After resigning from all Lok Sabha panels in support of protesting farmers, Rashtriya Loktantrik Party (RLP) chief Hanuman Beniwal, whose party is part of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), will decide on December 26 whether it will remain in the ruling coalition. At the same time, he will lead a march to Delhi in protest against the three agricultural laws that were enacted by the NDA in September to open up agricultural trade.

“I’ve never supported farm bills… show me if there is any video. When the bills were presented and passed in Parliament, I was not there. I was not allowed due to a false Covid-19 report, ”Beniwal, a leader from Poplar Jat, said on Sunday.

On his resignation from three parliamentary committees, the Nagaur MP said: “I have resigned in support of the farmers’ protest. I was part of the committee related to industries, I had raised many problems, from unemployment to the industries that are in the land banks, but no action was taken. ”

He said that he and Bharaqtiya Janata Party (BJP) deputy Kailash Choudhary were attacked in Barmer more than a year ago, but a first information report (FIR) on the incident was not even presented.

“But when the caravan of BJP national chief JP Nadda was attacked in West Bengal on 10 December, the officers of the Indian Police Service were immediately switched. People’s problems were not addressed in committees. We weren’t going to have cookie tea.

The laws allow companies to freely trade agricultural products outside of the so-called “mandi system,” allow private traders to store large quantities of commodities for future sales, which previously could only be done by government-approved agents, and establish new rules. for contract farming. . Farmers, however, are protesting the reforms, saying they would make them vulnerable to exploitation by large corporations, erode their bargaining power, and weaken the government’s procurement system, under which the government buys basic food, such as wheat and rice, at guaranteed prices.

On reconsidering ties with the NDA, Beniwal said: “I have resigned from three committees and will march to Delhi with more than 100,000 farmers on December 26. At a meeting, to be held at NH-8 in Shahjahanpur, the decision on the alliance with NDA will be made. We have no problems with the Prime Minister, but we do have problems with the three agricultural laws. Inflation is increasing and people are suffering. ”

Attacking the Rajasthan government led by Ashok Gehlot, he said the bureaucracy dominated decision-making in the state and that the chief minister was busy keeping the MLAs in Congress happy. After the farmers’ movement, RLP will organize a state government gherao to pressure their demands for free electricity generation and employment, he said.

On his accusations of collusion between Gehlot and former CM and BJP leader Vasundhara Raje, he said: “22 years have passed … Neither government has taken action on the scams raised by Gehlot or Raje, but a challan has issued in the cases against me. Gehlot did not take Raje’s bungalow and support him during the political crisis in July. About a dozen officials have been running the government. ”

On Beniwal reconsidering ties with the NDA, BJP MLA and spokesman Ram Lal Sharma said: “He can do whatever he wants.”

He said that Beniwal’s accusations of collusion between Gehlot and Raje were unfounded: “He makes politics looking at the situation and his thoughts have no stability. Previously, he called agricultural laws in the public interest and now, for political reasons, he opposes them, ”Sharma said.

Congressional spokesperson Archana Sharma also said Beniwal’s accusations of collusion between Gehlot and Raje were unfounded.

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