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Ayodhya ‘model’ of the city to develop Vedic planning principles | India News


NEW DELHI: Ayodhya’s mega development plan will include the establishment of a new 1,200-acre “model city of the future” based on Vedic urban planning principles, according to the bidding document submitted by the government of Uttar Pradesh. The brand new new city will be developed with religious and tourist aspects in mind.
Sources said Ayodhya’s rejuvenation plan would be to develop it as a holy city for Hindus as the Vatican is for Catholics. “Planning principles, urban forms, buildings and landscape must follow Vedic Ramayana and Vedic architecture,” said the tender for the selection of a consultant to prepare the vision, implementation strategy and integrated infrastructure plan. for Ayodhya. The development plan will be prepared over 30 years with a focus on preserving the heritage of the city center, developing the riverside and parikrama margins for pilgrims, and increasing infrastructure, in addition to facilities for recreational activities. . Construction on Ram Mandir is likely to be completed in 2023.
“The objective of this exercise is to prepare a detailed neighborhood plan / spatial plan to develop a totally new integrated municipality of 1,200 acres, as part of the proposed development of the new Ayodhya, to develop as a future city model taking into account the best international practices for development, implementation, maintenance and management ”, said the bidding document.
TOI, on July 30, had reported for the first time on the state government exploring the possibility of developing a new city near Ram Mandir, which is under construction.
The selected consultant should identify tourism projects that include the improvement of access roads to Janam Bhoomi, pedestrian walkways, lodging, plantations, shadows, community spaces for religious and pilgrimage congregations. The city’s development plan will also include exhibition spaces, façade lighting, redevelopment and rejuvenation of kunds in the city. The selected consultant will prepare the development plan within seven months.

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