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Weekly Covid Cases in India Drop 17%, Steepest Decline So Far | India News


NEW DELHI: Covid-19 infections and deaths continued to fall in the country 14 weeks after the pandemic had peaked, and this week cases registered a 17.3% decline in the previous seven days, which makes it the steepest weekly drop so far in percentage terms.
India recorded 171,520 new cases this week (Dec. 13-20), the lowest level since the week of June 28-July 5, and nearly 36,000 fewer than the previous week’s count. This was the sixth consecutive week of falling cases and the thirteenth overall in the past 14 weeks since infections peaked in mid-September.
The weekly death toll fell to its lowest level in more than six months, and the virus claimed 2,444 lives in the country in the past seven days. The last time India saw fewer deaths in a week was from June 7-14, when the death toll was 2,318.

Weekly Covid Cases in India Drop 17%, Steepest Decline So Far | India News

India is the only country among the 10 most affected in the world, apart from Argentina, which has not experienced a significant increase in cases in the last two months. India’s situation is even more unique when you consider that cases peaked in Argentina just two months ago, while India had a major festival season last month.
The death toll has also been steadily declining. This week’s cases were 12.4% lower than the previous week, when the number stood at 2,789. Weekly deaths from the virus now represent only 30% of what they were at the peak. India posted its highest weekly toll of 8,175 from Sept. 13-20, exactly three months ago.

On average, the country reported 351 deaths per day this week compared to 1,168 from September 13-20. In addition, the daily average of new cases last week was 24,500, falling below the 25,000 mark during the first week from June 28 to July 5. At the peak of the pandemic, India reported an average of more than 92,000 cases. The current figures are now almost a quarter (26.6%) of the peak.
On Sunday, India reported 24,833 new cases, and Assam’s numbers are still expected until around midnight. 324 deaths were reported during the day, the lowest number in a single day since June 8.

Meanwhile, active cases fell marginally on Sunday to around 3.05 lakh. Recoveries rose to just over 96 lakh.
Continuing the trend from last week, Kerala recorded the highest number of new cases with 5,711, followed by Maharashtra (3,811), Bengal (1,978) and Uttar Pradesh (1,247). Maharashtra also reported the highest deaths at 98, with Bengal recording 40 deaths, followed by Kerala (30) and Delhi (26).

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