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‘Mamata say, to defeat you …’: Amit Shah criticizes TMC’s ‘outsider’ mockery | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Interior Minister Amit Shah responded to West Bengal Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday for the “internal-external” debate, stating that the next state prime minister will be a “son of the land “from the BJP.
In a strong response to the “external” debate fueled by the TMC, Shah said that the BJP has enough local faces to take on the ruling party and that no one has to come from Delhi to defeat Mamata.
“I think Mamata di has forgotten some things. When Mamata di was in Congress, did she call Indira Gandhi an outsider? Did she use the term for then Prime Minister PV Narashima Rao or Pranab Da?” Shah asked.
The TMC has been denouncing the BJP as a party of outsiders ahead of next year’s assembly elections. He has also attacked the saffron party for deploying central ministers and leaders of different states for political campaigns.
Pointing to various state leaders of the BJP who share the stage with him, Shah claimed that West Bengal’s next chief minister will be from the saffron party.
“I want to tell the people of Bengal, this is an attempt to create an illusion. Mamata didi, no one has to come from Delhi to defeat you. A Bengal leader will compete against you and the next chief minister will be the son of the ground if the BJP he is elected to power, “Shah said.
Shah accused Mamata of promoting conservative thinking by fueling external debate.
“Does Mamata didi want a country where the people of one state cannot go to the other? Didi, the people of Bengal will not accept such conservative thinking,” Shah said.
He also attacked the Mamata Banerjee government for infiltrating Bangladesh.
“The TMC can never stop the infiltration because it believes in the appeasement policy. Only the BJP can stop it … Mamata Banerjee supports farmers’ protest but does not allow Bengal farmers to get the benefits of central schemes. Is it Is this the way to honor the federal structure? “he said.
Strongly condemning the recent attack on BJP President JP Nadda’s convoy, Shah said Banerjee has failed to control the law and order situation in the state, which is rapidly falling across all development indices.
He also affirmed that the Center had the right to summon the IPS state agents responsible for providing security for the central delegation.
“The Center is within its right to send a letter (summoning the IPS officers for the central delegation) to the state government … if they have any questions, they can review the rule book,” Shah said.
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