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Germany considers banning flights from the UK for fear of new Covid-19 strain


Germany is considering banning flights from the UK and South Africa to prevent the spread of a new, more infectious strain of coronavirus circulating in the two countries, a source close to the German Health Ministry told AFP.

Following the example of the Netherlands, where a ban on all passenger flights from the UK went into effect on Sunday, the German government was considering a similar measure as “a serious option” for flights from Britain and South Africa. the source said.

A spokesman for the Health Ministry said the Berlin government was monitoring developments in Britain very closely and working under “high pressure” to evaluate new information and data on the new strain.

Germany was in contact with its European partners, the spokesman said.

Belgium also announced a ban on all flights and trains from the UK.

The Dutch ban, from 6:00 a.m. (0500 GMT) Sunday to January 1, came hours after Britain announced a stay-at-home order for part of the country to slow down the new variant, which the British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it was “ruled out”. of control “.

In Germany, however, the new strain of the virus has not been detected so far, according to the chief virologist at Berlin’s Charite hospital, Christian Drosten, on Twitter.

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