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Facebook suspends Kisan Ekta Morcha FB page, restores it after outrage | India News


NEW DELHI: Facebook briefly suspended and later restored Kisan Ekta Morcha (KEM) page after social media outrage Sunday night. The tech giant admitted to TOI that it had removed the Facebook page and said it regretted the inconvenience.
At around 7:30 pm, KEM tweeted that its Facebook page was “unpublished.” The farmers collective also provided a screenshot of the page, which read: “Your page has not been published. This is because Kisan Ekta Morcha goes against our community’s standards on spam.”
“This is what they can do when people raise their voices. When they cannot ideologically defeat us,” KEM wrote along with the screenshot.

Several farmers’ organizations have formed an informal “information cell” to disseminate information about the ongoing protest against the Center’s agricultural laws and to counter misinformation against farmers.
“They unpublished the page without any notification. We only got a popup around 7pm. We just explained the drawbacks of the bill. How does that violate any policy?” asked Baljeet Singh Sandhu, vice chairman of the Majha Kisan committee, one of the organizations that was behind the formation of farmers’ social media accounts. Sandhu added that Facebook restored the page only after “pressure.”
“We have restored Kisan Ekta Morcha’s Facebook page and are sorry for the inconvenience caused,” a Facebook spokesperson told TOI.
The news of KEM’s suspension had sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter. Several users accused Facebook of stifling dissent. “The action taken by Facebook to shut down Kisan Ekta Morcha requires a close look at its content moderation policies and practices. India has about 300 million Facebook users. It is the largest market. Even then there is little transparency or accountability. “said the digital advocacy group tweeted the Internet Freedom Foundation.

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