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A wall of requirements set up at the Chilla protest site


A banner, which serves as a “wall” listing essential items, has been placed at the Chilla border protest site to help farmers find and receive daily necessities to keep up with their agitation.

Established on Sunday evening by a group of half a dozen professionals and students, this wall serves as a reception point for donations at the site, which is one of four border points in New Delhi where farmers are waving.

Farmers are encouraged to list essential items, if they are not already available at the counters, on the wall. As of Sunday night, the only requirement was a pair of slippers, which the organizers were quick to fetch.

“If someone doesn’t donate the shoe, we will get it,” said Anukriti Singh, who works for an NGO and is one of the organizers of this facility.

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In addition to the slippers, the wall received a large number of essential items such as toothpaste, blankets and socks. They were collected by farmers as soon as they were placed. “I came here with very basic essentials. He didn’t even have toothpaste. I took a paste and a blanket to keep me warm, ”said Paramjeet Singh, a farmer from the village of Chandpur in Bijnor.

In addition to the usual essentials, the organizers have also stocked the venue with Neem Datun. “This wall is in the concept of Neki Ki Deewaar, in which those with extra items donate them here and those who need them collect them. We hope that the wall will be filled with writings of the essential items needed and then those that will be provided by the Good Samaritans, ”Singh said.

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