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‘You can keep all the credit’: Prime Minister Modi attacks opposition over farmers’ protests


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday accused opposition parties of generating mistrust between farmers and the government and also instigating them against laws that the Center believes will bring reforms to the agricultural sector. Prime Minister Modi addressed Madhya Pradesh farmers practically during the Kisan Kalyan event.

Prime Minister Modi told opposition parties that they can keep all the credit when these recently passed farm laws bring reforms to the farm sector. He also said that the opposition parties can take credit as their old election manifestos mentioned these agricultural promises.

He said: “I ask all political parties with folded hands, please keep all credit. I am giving credit to all of your old election manifestos. I just want tranquility in the lives of farmers, I want their progress and I want modernity in agriculture.

Modi also accused opposition parties of using farmers as a vote bank and political tool. He said opposition parties are weaving a web of lies to mislead farmers, as the implementation of these laws has been under discussion for the past few years. The prime minister also reiterated that the MSP system will not be affected by these new laws.

Mocking former Madhya Pradesh Prime Minister Kamal Nath, the prime minister said that agricultural loans were not waived as promised before the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. He said: “Those who started this movement on behalf of the farmers, when they had the opportunity to run the government or be part of the government, what they did back then, the country must remember. Today, I want to present his exploits to compatriots and farmers. “

The BJP has raised several times in recent weeks the question of how opposition parties were in favor of implementing the same laws that the NDA introduced during the monsoon session.

Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar, in an exclusive interview with the Hindustan Times, said that the current government had the willpower to implement the new laws. He said the government of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) had also wanted to enact these laws but did not have the will to do so. He said: “Those who believe in the status quo cannot create history. Even the UPA wanted to make these reforms but could not ”.

A PTI report was released in early December citing government sources in which it was seen that the head of the Nationalist Congress Party, Sharad Pawar, wanted states to implement the APMC Act to increase farmers’ incomes by allowing them to private actors will take steps to reform the agricultural sector.

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