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Unilateral actions of some nations damage the balance of the Indian Ocean region: Deputy Army Chief | India News


BENGALURU: Lt. Gen. SK Saini, the army’s deputy chief of staff, said on Friday that India’s role in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is now a strategic obligation and no longer just a choice. Reiterating the economic and strategic importance, Saini said that India would need to have a solid roadmap to implement its strategy for the region amid increased threat perception.
Its strategic, economic and other location, and the slow but steady shift of power from West to East have made the IOR a center of global geopolitical rivalry, Saini said as part of the Aero India webinar series hosted by Indian Military Review. and the Center for Joint War Studies with the Ministry of Defense.
The growing interests of extra-regional forces and other non-traditional threats have made the region volatile and a potential global battleground, Saini said, adding: “While non-state actors and piracy threaten security and peace, Unilateral actions by some nations are damaging the balance. ”
While he did not name any specific country, Saini said such actions were causing turmoil and leading to intense rivalry between the superpowers.
“… Some nations are not only questioning the rights of the IOR nations to use their exclusive economic zones, but they are also threatening the sovereignty of some of the strategic islands,” he said, adding that India’s role in the region Therefore, it is now a strategic obligation in the search for peace and stability in the region.
Saini, while stating how global powers want to partner with India, thanked the navy for its role in the IOR. “International engagement will be an important aspect to maintain peace and security in the region,” Saini said.
Chinese aggression
In a specific discussion on Chinese challenges to Indian interests in the IOR, experts, including serving and retired Indian officials and experts from the United States and Australia, expressed concern about the growing Chinese presence.
Rear Admiral Jaswinder Singh, Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel (Foreign Intelligence and Cooperation), while echoing Saini’s comments, said it was imperative for India to further its role as the preferred security partner in the region.
Retired US Navy Rear Admiral Michael McDevitt noted how, compared to eight years ago when the first ship was deployed to the IOR, China is now considering its 36th deployment, saying: “In the In recent years, China has not ‘We have also hesitated in the deployment of submarines, and we may soon have a situation where they are in the region full time. There is also the threat of aircraft carriers ”.
Former Chief Admiral of the Navy (retired) Arun Prakash said that an intrusive and aggressive China poses an imminent threat and noted how the country has been supplying technology and equipment to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
“We have lacked a proper understanding of the Chinese mindset, probably due to inadequate scholarship and diplomacy, which has led to misinterpretation of intent even as China has been sending out proper warning signals since the 1950s. It is Time for the government to commission a white paper on China and even develop a China-specific strategy, even if it is not a public document, ”Prakash said.

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