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Two surveys reveal doubts about vaccines | India News


MUMBAI: Only three in 10 Indians want to take the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available, according to a survey that says the remaining 70% would not rush to take the vaccine.
Another survey found that 53% had “concerns” about the vaccine. Vaccine hesitancy, a fact that Indian health officials have found with various vaccines in the past such as polio, flu, etc., is now showing up on Covid-scape as well. Respondents in the two surveys cited reasons such as “herd immunity among Indians” for “the worst of the pandemic to be over” and “vaccine side effects” for their reluctance.
“The percentage of undecided citizens was 61% in October, fell to 59% in November and increased to 69% in December,” said Sachin Taparia of LocalCircles, a community social media platform that conducted one of the surveys. The hesitation is proportional to the Covid curve. The average number of cases has dropped from 50,000 a day to 25,000 a day nationwide. “This, when combined with concerns about the side effects and efficacy of the vaccine, explains the vacillation of the vaccine,” Taparia said. In the second survey of 11,000 conducted by GOQii, a fitness technology company, 53% were unsure about taking a Covid vaccine (43% would take the last call after seeing the initial results, while 10% were firmly against).

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