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The truth has prevailed in the case of Hathras, the charge sheet raises serious doubts about the UP government: Priyanka | India News

NEW DELHI: With the IWC presenting its charge sheet in the gangrape and murder case of a 19-year-old Dalit woman in Hathras, Congressional Leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Friday that the truth has prevailed and that development raises serious doubts about the Yogi Adityanath. government in Uttar Pradesh.
On Friday, the IWC filed a charge sheet against the four men charged with gangrape and murder of the woman in a village in the Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh, authorities said.
After nearly two months of investigation, the agency concluded in its final report that the defendants – Sandeep, Ravi, Luv Kush and Ramu – allegedly ganged up on and murdered the woman when she had gone to the fields to collect fodder on September 14. . said.
In reaction to the development, Priyanka Gandhi said that the truth has once again prevailed.
“The CBI charge sheet filed today against four defendants in the Hathras case indicates that the 19-year-old victim was brutally gang-ganged and murdered,” the general secretary in charge of Congress, UP, said in a statement.
This fact raises serious questions about the Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh, the UP police, ADG law and order, the Hathras district magistrate and senior officials in the state administration, Priyanka Gandhi alleged.
“The state left no stone unturned to deny the dignity of the victim, in life or in death. She was cremated without the consent of her family in the middle of the night. Senior police officers and bureaucrats strongly denied any violations, they intimidated his family and indulged in flagrant acts. Shame the victim. Sectors of the media that dared to report the truth were mistreated, “he alleged.
However, the full power of the Uttar Pradesh government and police could not hide the truth, Priyanka Gandhi claimed.
“I cannot forget the anguish of the 19-year-old’s mother, who could not even say goodbye to her daughter. All her family sought was justice for their daughter,” he said.
“I am encouraged to see that the IWC has taken an important step towards justice and I hope that it brings some comfort to the victim’s family amid the immense suffering they have so bravely endured,” said Priyanka Gandhi.
Earlier, in a Hindi tweet, he said: “On the one hand there was the injustice protected by the government. On the other hand, there was the hope of justice from the family.”
“The body of the victim was forcibly burned. An attempt was made to tarnish his image. His family was threatened. But in the end, the truth won out,” he said.
The Dalit woman, allegedly raped by four upper caste men on September 14, died on September 29 at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.
His body was cremated in the dead of night near his home on September 30. His family alleged that the local police forced them to hastily perform their last rites. Local police officers, however, said the cremation was carried out “according to the wishes of the family.”

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