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PM Modi Addresses Madhya Pradesh Farmers: Key Points | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Kisan Mahasammelan via video conference on Friday. A large number of farmers were physically present at the Kisan Mahasammelan organized in the Dussehra field in Raisen today.
PM Modi also inaugurated and laid the foundation for the cold storage infrastructure and other facilities.
Here are the main points:

  • The new farm laws did not come overnight. For the past 20 to 30 years, the central government and state governments had detailed discussions about these reforms. Agricultural experts, economists, and progressive farmers have been demanding reforms.
  • Political parties must stop deceiving farmers. It has been 6-7 months since the farm laws were implemented. But now, suddenly, games are being played to plow one’s political ground through a web of lies.
  • I ask all political parties with folded hands, please keep all credit. I am giving credit to all of your old election manifestos. I only want tranquility in the life of farmers, I want their progress and I want modernity in agriculture.
  • Today you can see the old manifestos of all the political parties in the country, the letters of those who used to run the country. agricultural system If you read today, you will discover that the agricultural reforms that are taking place today are not much different.
  • The report came in, but these people remained seated on the recommendations of the Swaminathan Committee For eight years.
  • Today, several farmers have received a Kisan credit card. Previously, they were not available to all farmers. But we changed the rules so that the Kisan credit card is available to all farmers across the country.
  • Before every election, these people talk about debt exemption. And how much is the debt exemption? Are all farmers covered by this?
  • If older governments were concerned, around 100 large irrigation projects in the country would not be suspended for decades.
  • It is true that it does not matter how much the farmer works, but if there is no proper storage of fruits, vegetables and grains, if they are not done correctly, then there is a great loss.
  • I would like to urge the country’s traders and industry to increase their investment and contribution in the manufacture of modern storage systems, cold storage, in the creation of new food processing companies.
  • The agriculture of India, the farmer of India, can no longer live in backwardness.
  • the modern facilities available for farmers in the great countries of the world it should also be available to farmers in India. It cannot be delayed any longer.

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