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One child under 50 with comorbidities may be on the vaccination priority list | India News


NEW DELHI: About a million people under 50 with comorbidities that may pose an increased risk of infection are likely to be inoculated during the first phase of the Covid-19 vaccination program that is expected to begin in late January, they said. The authorities.
While the 50+ category in the first round of “priority groups” to be vaccinated is self-selected, identifying people with under-age comorbidities is challenging. Analysis of data by the Center has estimated that around a million people, with relatively more serious comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension or heart problems, may need the injections.
A panel has been formed under the National Group of Experts on Vaccine Administration (NEGVAC) for Covid-19 to list specific criteria for identifying people in this category and finalize other modalities, such as how to contact them. The final number may change once the panel has completed its task.

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