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Low temperatures drop below 3 degrees Celsius in parts of Delhi, icy winds continue


The minimum temperature dropped below 3 degrees Celsius in parts of Delhi on Friday, as icy winds from the snow-covered western Himalayas continue to whip the national capital, the Indian Meteorological Department said.

Mercury fell to 2.7 degrees Celsius at Jafarpur. It was set at 3.5 degrees Celsius and 3.8 degrees Celsius at the Ayanagar and Lodhi Road weather stations, IMD said. The Safdarjung Observatory, which provides representative data for the city, recorded a minimum of 4.4 degrees Celsius. The maximum, however, rose to 19.8 degrees Celsius.

The city had registered a “severe” cold day on Thursday when the maximum temperature fell to 15.2 degrees Celsius, seven levels below normal and the lowest of this season so far.

A “cold day” is when the minimum temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius and the maximum is at least 4.4 degrees Celsius below normal. A “severe” cold day is when the maximum temperature is at least 6.5 degrees below normal.

“Cold snap” conditions are forecast in Delhi on Saturday and the cold snap is likely to continue through Monday, IMD said.

For the plains, the IMD declares a cold snap when the minimum temperature is 10 degrees Celsius or less and is 4.5 notches lower than normal for two consecutive days.

However, for small areas like Delhi, a cold snap can be declared if the criteria are met for even one day, authorities said.

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