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Karnataka Legislative Council Chairman Issues Notice of Proof of Cause on Dec. 15 Riot


Karnataka Legislative Council Chairman K Pratapchandra Shetty, whose removal was requested by the BJP and JD (S) jointly, causing procedural chaos on December 15, issued a display notice to council secretary KR Mahalakshmi , looking for an explanation for the melee.

On December 15, when a special one-day session of the council was convened at the request of the ruling BJP to remove Shetty as president and pass legislation against the slaughter of cows, there was an uproar that led to the sine die being suspended. Shetty, who belongs to Congress, has refused to resign despite the fact that the BJP with 31 members and the JD (S) with 14 members, in addition to the support of an independent in the 75-member house, are determined to overthrow him.

Citing procedural lapses in the no-confidence motion against him, Shetty had refused to accept the notice given by the ruling party in the state. Shetty has now asked the council secretary why he was prevented from entering the council chamber in violation of the rules. He has also asked for an explanation of why the vice president belonging to the JDS was allowed to preside over the proceedings and also to explain the sequence of events that led to the postponement of the house. Shetty has accused the secretary of the council of negligence in the line of duty and has requested a detailed report.

CM Yediyurappa had strongly condemned the behavior of Shetty and members of Congress and said that despite not having the backing of the house, he had postponed it sine die without the motion of censure being taken. Former CM and opposition leader in the assembly, Siddaramaiah, responded by saying: “While it is true that we may not have had a majority, there are established rules and regulations on how the house should be run. Since the BJP decided to rape them, they left us no choice. “

A delegation of BJP-JDS leaders has asked the governor to intervene and Congress has said Shetty will not resign and is ready for a legal battle. The council secretary now has 48 hours to respond to the president’s notification.

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