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Humiliated by Illegal Loan Applications, Hyderabad Technician Commits Suicide | India News


HYDERABAD: A software engineer who took instant loans using different mobile phone applications committed suicide in Hyderabad after he was allegedly publicly defamed and humiliated by private financiers. It was the second suicide of its kind under similar circumstances this week. Rajendranagar police said that P Sunil (28), who lost his job during the confinement, took out loans through different applications, which according to the police were all illegal operations, to pay off older existing loans.
Because he didn’t get a job and didn’t repay the loans, the app-based funders started texting and making phone calls to everyone on his phone call list, which they easily seized after he downloaded their apps.
Humiliated, Sunil hanged himself in his Kismatpur apartment on Wednesday, but police changed the suspicious death case to instigation to suicide and other charges, including under the Information Technology Act, against financiers.
A press release from the DGP office said that there are at least 60 loan applications of this type available on the Google Play Store. “These applications run under certain names that are not registered or recognized by the RBI as NBFC; therefore, their operations are completely illegal, ”said a note. A police investigation found that Sunil had downloaded 35 apps. It is known that he had taken out loans ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000, worth 2 lakhs of rupees.
The DGP office said that in the last month three cases of suicides were reported due to harassment caused by money loan applications.

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