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Drop in Daily Covid Count Continues, India Closer to 1 Crore Cases | India News


The drop in Covid-19 cases across all states continued even as India edged closer to the one million case mark in total on Thursday with 26,691 new infections, bringing the country’s case count to 99. , 77.775.
Recent infections were down by nearly 2,000 from Wednesday’s count of 28,465 and by nearly 3,000 cases compared to last Thursday.
The decline was also seen in deaths, with 334 deaths reported Thursday compared to 357 the day before.
The lows this week have stayed below 400 on all days so far, in contrast to last week when it crossed the 400 mark in four days. India’s cumulative toll reached 1.44.781 on Thursday.
The decline in active cases continued for the 20th day in a row and the count is now 3.13,127. However, compared to Wednesday, when active cases were down by more than 15,000, the decline in these cases was less than 5,000 on Thursday. The number of patients cured by the virus has reached 95,19,867, reflecting a recovery rate of 95.4%.
Kerala held the top position among states for recent infections with 4,969 patients testing positive, followed by Maharashtra (3,880 new cases), West Bengal (2,245), Chhattisgarh (1,584) and Uttar Pradesh (1,539). Delhi, which had seen a large increase in infections a few weeks ago, was in sixth place with 1,363 new cases. However, in terms of fatalities, Delhi ranked third with 35 new deaths, after Maharashtra (65) and West Bengal (44).

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