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Covid-19 is the world war, it has spread like wildfire due to the lack of implementation of the guidelines: SC | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court said Friday that the Covid-19 pandemic has spread like “wild fire” in the country due to a lack of implementation of guidelines and standard operating procedures (SoP) issued to contain it.
Calling it a “world war” against Covid-19, the supreme court said that due to the “unprecedented pandemic”, everyone in the world is suffering in one way or another.
A bank headed by Judge Ashok Bhushan said that any decision to impose a curfew or lockdown must be announced well in advance so that people can learn about and take action for their livelihood.
The bench, which also includes Judges RS Reddy and MR Shah, said front-line healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, are already “physically and mentally exhausted from tireless work for eight months” and that it may be Some mechanism is needed to give them an intermittent rest.
He said that all states must act with vigilance and work with the Center in harmony at this time of pandemic.
“It is time to rise to the occasion. The safety and health of citizens must be the first priority, more than any other consideration, ”said the bank.
The high court approved a series of instructions for the implementation of the Covid-19 guidelines and SOPs across the country.

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