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SC Recognizes Farmers’ Right to Non-Violent Protest, Says It Would Create a Panel to Resolve Impasse | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday recognized the law from farmers to non-violent protests, and said he was considering establishing an “impartial and independent” panel of agriculture experts and farmers’ unions to resolve the deadlock of three contentious farm laws.
A bank headed by Chief Justice, SA Bobde, said it would establish the committee that could include experts such as P Sainath and representatives of the government and farmers’ bodies to seek resolution of the stalemate on the statutes.
The bank is also made up of magistrates AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian, “We recognize the right of farmers to protest, but it has to be non-violent.”
In a hearing by videoconference, the high court said the purpose of organizing a protest can be achieved if farmers and the government hold talks and “we want to facilitate that.”
“We are not going to decide today the validity of the law. The only thing we are going to decide is the issue of the protest and the right to circulate freely,” the bench clarified at the beginning of the hearing that is still going on.
He is hearing a handful of petitions seeking the expulsion of farmers protesting on various roads along Delhi’s borders.

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