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In Bihar, the exercise to update the electoral lists begins


The review of the special summary to update the photographic electoral rolls as of January 1, 2021 began on Wednesday with the preliminary publication of the electoral rolls in the places designated according to the guidelines of the Electoral Commission.

The review aims to recruit new voters, including those who turned 18 on January 1, 2021, and also remove the names of deceased voters or those who have changed addresses. The exercise will continue until January 11 until the electoral office receives the complaints and objections.

Bihar electoral director HR Srinivasa said two dates have been set as special campaign days, December 27 and January 10, when booth officials (BLOs) would visit polling stations where they would receive applications from eligible voters for any modification. or registration.

The general director said that the claims / objections of the electoral rolls that will be received until January 11 will be resolved on February 1. “The definitive publication of the updated photographic electoral rolls will take place on February 15,” he added.

The SSA in Bihar this year was delayed due to the Assembly elections in October-November where, as in other states, the exercise has already started, authorities said.

Bihar has a total voter turnout of Rs 7.29 crore as per the latest update before the Assembly elections and the number is expected to increase after the summary review. The coverage of the voter photo identity card (EPIC) is 100 in the state.

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