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In a letter to farmers, Narendra Singh Tomar reiterates her assurance about MSP


Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Thursday wrote a passionate letter to farmers protesting against the three land reform laws, reiterating his commitment to solving farmers’ problems and again offering a written guarantee that the system of minimum support prices (MSP) set by the state for agricultural raw materials will remain in place.

In the eight-page letter, Tomar said that farmers in most parts of the country were happy with the reforms and that some political forces had created confusion as part of a conspiracy to derail laws enacted in September, appealing to protesters to call out of turmoil.

“I belong to a farmer’s family and since childhood I have experienced the hard life of farmers. It is very satisfying that after the implementation of the laws, MSP’s acquisitions have set a new record this time, ”said Tomar.

Tomar did not name anyone, but wrote: “A lie is being spread on behalf of MSP and Mandis. The fact is, nothing is going to change. “

Farmers, mainly from the states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, have been gathering at the border entry points to Delhi since November 26 in a massive protest sparked by three laws passed by the government in September that allow businesses to agricultural trade with minimal regulation. , allow traders to store large quantities of food products for economies of scale and establish new rules of contract farming.

Farmers say the new rules favor large corporations with which they will lose business and gradually end the minimum price system set by the state. They are also concerned that the government-controlled mandi. or agricultural markets, they can be dismantled. The protesters decided to suspend negotiations on December 8, after a meeting with Interior Minister Amit Shah, citing a deadlock.

The agriculture minister wrote that the MSPs and the agricultural product marketing committees that administer the mandis will remain in place and the government was ready to offer a written guarantee to that effect.

Tomar alleged that Congress failed to act on recommendations made by a commission headed by agricultural scientist MS Swaminathan t for eight years. “These days, they are working again to create tension. They even questioned our Army and its supreme sacrifice in Leh-Ladakh, ”the minister wrote, calling on farmers to put an end to the unrest.

The group of farmers who led the protest insisted that the laws be repealed,

“The government (is) repeatedly repeating the old rejected logic. Farmers are ready for talks, but the three farm laws and the 2020 electricity amendment bill must be withdrawn, ”said Avik Saha from the All India Kisan Coordination Committee.

The bill has a provision for the direct benefit transfer (DBT) of subsidies granted to consumers, in particular to the agricultural and domestic sectors. Opposition leaders say this will go against the interests of farmers and poor domestic consumers, insisting that the mode of payment should be left to state governments. The bill also aims to ensure a mandatory minimum purchase of energy from renewable energy sources and to enforce strict criminal measures for non-compliance with the provisions.

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