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Hold referendum on the move of three capitals: Chandrababu Naidu challenges Jagan Reddy | India News


AMARAVATI: The head of the opposition Telugu Desam party, N Chandrababu Naidu, on Thursday challenged the government of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to hold a referendum on the three capitals for the state plan and vowed to abandon politics if the people voted in favor .
He demanded that the Chief Minister apologize to the people and withdraw the measure to relocate the state capital in deference to the wishes of six million people in the state.
Naidu addressed a massive Amaravati Janabheri rally in Rayapudi village here to mark the first anniversary of the farmers’ struggle to retain Amaravati as the state capital.
It was on this day last year that the Chief Minister came up with the idea of ​​having three state capitals, along the lines of South Africa.
Subsequently, his government passed legislation naming Visakhapatnam as the Executive Capital and Kurnool as the Judicial Capital, while retaining Amaravati as the Legislative Capital.
The matter is now sub-judice as farmers who had ceded more than 33,000 acres of their fertile lands for the development of the city of Amaravati, moved to the Andhra Pradesh High Court opposing the relocation of the state capital.
Since last December 17th, local farmers, with the support of political parties and other organizations, have been waging peaceful agitation demanding that Amaravati be retained as the state capital.
Except for the ruling YSR Congress, all the political parties and popular organizations supported the agitation and participated in the demonstration that took place amid severe restrictions by the police.
No sane person will change the (state) capital. Just in case, are you ready for a referendum on the issue? I will leave politics permanently if people support your movement, Naidu told Jagan Reddy.
He called the YSRC boss once CM and claimed that the latter would surely bite the dust on the hustings next time.
The people voted Jagan to power after he looked for just one chance. But this would be his last chance as he completely betrayed people. He cannot escape the curse of women, said the opposition leader in the assembly.
BJP state president Somu Veerraju, who sympathized with the agitated farmers, said in a statement that his party represented Amaravati as the state capital.
BJP will launch a move for Amaravati as the capital city. We will put pressure on the state government. The central government is committed to doing everything that is beneficial to the state, Veerraju said.
Congress, which also extended its support for the farmers’ agitation, said that Jagan, as the then leader of the opposition, voted for Amaravati as the capital city.
Even the people of Rayalaseema, the region to which Jagan belongs, oppose the idea of ​​the three capitals. He should quit, said Acting Speaker N Thulasi Reddy.
Left-wing parties, Jana Sena and other groups supported the Amaravati agitation.

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