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Among 189 countries, India drops one place on the Human Development Index to 131 | India News


NEW DELHI: Out of 189 countries, India dropped one place to 131 in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Human Development Index (HDI) in 2020. India’s rank in 2018 was 130.
India’s Human Development Index (HDI) value for 2019 stood at 0.645, placing the country in the medium human development category.
India’s carbon dioxide emissions (production) index was 0.972, while its material footprint index stood at 0.970. India’s per capita Gross National Income (GNI) was recorded at USD 6,681 in 2019 on the basis of purchasing power parity (PPP).
According to the Index, in 2019, the inequality in life expectancy in India was 19.7, while the gender inequality index was 0.488
The report also mentioned India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change and the nation’s commitment to reduce the emissions intensity of its GDP from the 2005 level by 33-35 percent by 2030 under the Climate Agreement. Paris. He also said that India ranked fifth in installed solar capacity.
Meanwhile, Norway ranked first in the index, with an HDI value of 0.957 in 2019.
China ranks 85th and Pakistan 154th, while Sri Lanka and Bangladesh ranked 72nd and 133rd respectively.
China’s net emissions (8 gigatons) are 34% below its territorial emissions (12.5 gigatons) compared to India’s 19%, according to the report.
This year’s index introduced a new experimental Human Development Index adjusted for planetary pressures.
“Promoting human development while erasing those planetary pressures is the next frontier for human development, and its exploration is at the heart of this 30th anniversary edition of the UNDP Human Development Report,” said Achim Steiner, Administrator from UNDP.
The HDI is an assessment of the health, education and standard of living of a nation.

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