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Rahul Gandhi, Members of Congress Leave Parliamentary Defense Panel Meeting | India News

NEW DELHI: Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi and other members of his party left a meeting of the Parliamentary Defense Committee on Wednesday, claiming that panel time was being wasted discussing the military uniform rather than the crucial issue of national security. the sources said.
Gandhi was not allowed to speak at the meeting by panel chair Jual Oram (BJP) as he sought to raise the issues of Chinese aggression and better equip soldiers on the border in Ladakh, they said.
Sources said the issue of Army, Navy and Air Force uniforms was being discussed in the presence of the Chief of Defense Staff, General Bipin Rawat, when Gandhi chimed in to say that instead of discussing this, the leadership politician should discuss national policy issues. security and how to strengthen the forces fighting against the Chinese in Ladakh.
The committee chairman did not allow Gandhi to speak, after which the congressional leader decided to withdraw, they said, adding that members of Congress Rajeev Satav and Revanth Reddy also left the meeting along with their leader.

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