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India sees 26,000 new Covid cases, 383 deaths | India News


After falling to a 161-day low on Monday, the count of new Covid-19 infections in India rose slightly on Tuesday to just over 26,000, even as active cases continued to decline. India registered 26,239 new cases on Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases to 99.32,818, according to data collected from state governments. By Monday, the daily count had dropped to 22,273.
There were 383 deaths from the virus in the country, slightly above the 338 and 360 registered in the last two days, respectively. The total number of victims of the pandemic so far stood at 1.44,090. Overall, both new cases and deaths have been declining steadily over the past few weeks, and the trend appears to continue into the current week.
Active cases in the country fell by more than 8,000 on Tuesday and stood at 3.3 lakh, while recoveries had risen to almost 94.6 lakh.
The increase in cases since Monday’s count came mainly from Kerala, which recorded 5,218 new infections, a sharp increase from 2,707 recorded a day earlier. Marginal increases were also seen in Maharashtra (3,442 new cases), Bengal (2,289), Delhi (1617), and Karnataka (1,185). In most of the other states, cases either stayed more or less flat or declined marginally.

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