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India may blacklist some telecom equipment providers for security reasons


The cabinet approved on Wednesday the establishment of a national security directive in the telecommunications sector, which will have a significant impact on India’s security, IT and telecommunications, said Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad when announcing the new guidelines for providers of telecommunications. Telecommunications services.

“Taking into account the need to ensure the national security of India, the Cabinet has approved the national security directive in the telecommunications sector. Under this, to maintain the integrity of the supply chain security, the government will declare a list of trusted sources, reliable products for the benefit of telecommunications service providers, ”said the minister, adding that similarly there will be a list from designated sources from whom no acquisition will be made.

Giving the details of how this list will be made and how it would affect telecommunications service in the future, the minister said: “Once the lists are prepared, telecommunications service providers will have to connect new devices that are designated as reliable products. . The designated authority will make its determination based on the approval of a committee chaired by the NSA alternate. The committee will be made up of members from relevant departments and ministries, two members from industries, and an independent expert. The committee will be called the national telecommunications security committee. “

Hindustan Times