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Beti married can claim the position of father: HC | India News


BENGALURU: Karnataka HC has ruled that married daughters also have the right to seek employment on compassionate grounds, as they do not cease to be part of the family after marriage. “Half the world, and not even half a chance,” the court said on Tuesday of the plight of Bengaluru’s Bhuvaneswari V Puranik, whose representation for a job on compassionate grounds was rejected because she is married. His brother, who worked in a private company, decided not to look for government work.
The court also ordered the government to consider the petitioner’s appeal for a job in one of its departments. The petitioner’s father, Ashok Adiveppa Madivalar, who worked as a secretary in the office of the Agricultural Products Marketing Committee in Kuduchi in Belagavi, died in 2016 while on duty. Her daughter’s job application on compassionate grounds in 2017 was rejected by the deputy director (administration) of the agricultural marketing department.
Bhuvaneswari challenged the order at HC, claiming it was discriminatory. The court said that the exclusion of married daughters from the realm of expression ‘family’ under the Karnataka Civil Service Rules (Appointment on Compassionate Grounds), 1996, was illegal, discriminatory and unconstitutional, and struck down the rules that said only an unmarried daughter is considered. a member of the family. Stating that “nature bestows so much on women (and) the law cannot bestow very little,” Judge M. Nagaprasanna said the rules seek to create discrimination on the basis of gender. “If a son’s marital status does not influence the law as to their right to request the appointment on compassionate grounds, a daughter’s marital status (also) should not make any difference,” he said.

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