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Why did Kamal Nath say he was ready to get some rest | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional leader and former Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath created a stir in political circles on Monday with his comment that he is ready to get some rest. The incumbent prime minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, called it Nath’s personal affair and said the BJP would not make anyone retire.
At a rally in Chhindwara, the former prime minister said: “I am ready to get some rest. I have no ambitions or greed for any position. I have already achieved a lot. I am ready to stay at home.”
What Kamal Nath said may seem like a unique casual comment. But there is much more than meets the eye.
It is the outburst of Kamal Nath at the prevailing political situation in Madhya Pradesh against his delicate position.
The former prime minister is going through one of the weakest phases of his political career since Congress faced a beating in the recent by-elections to the assembly. The party was only able to win nine of the 28 seats in which the by-elections were held. On the other hand, the ruling BJP emerged victorious with 19 seats.
Since then, internal struggles have also intensified in the congressional unit of deputies. Various factions have been activated to replace him as state party chairman.
Former CM Digvijaya Singh has been seen promoting his son Jaivardhan Singh in state politics. Jaivardhan, an MLA, was a minister in Kamal Nath’s government and is running to lead Congress in the state.
On the other hand, Kamal Nath’s son Nakul Nath, who is a member of the Lok Sabha parliament from Chhindwara, had said before the by-elections that he would lead the state’s youth while MLA youths like Jeetu Patwari, Jayawardhan Singh , Sachin Yadav, Omkar Markam and Honey Baghel, who were ministers in the congressional government, would work with him in their respective fields.
Jeetu Patwari, who is the Acting State Speaker of Congress, is also known to be looking at the post of President by replacing Nath.
The party’s leader, Ajay Singh, is another serious contender for the post of state president.
At the same time, Congress is also witnessing a fight for the position of leader of the opposition that has been vacant since Chouhan formed his government in March this year.
While Nath is believed to be interested in having his loyal former minister Bala Bachchan take on the role of opposition leader, party leader Govind Singh and Ajay Singh are two of the other contenders for the coveted position.
Kamal Nath, 74, also appears to be disappointed with the party’s future and his own prospects. He knows that the BJP would be in power until 2023 and there are no signs that it will weaken in the near future. On the other hand, the position of Congress has been weakened not only at the state level but also at the national level.
In a situation where the BJP appears as a formidable force, the electoral prospects for Congress in the 2023 assembly elections also look bleak.
Having sensed these perspectives, Kamal Nath may have spoken of retiring from politics.

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