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Sanyas of politics? Kamal Nath Says No After Comment Sparks Rumors | India News


BHOPAL: Former Prime Minister Kamal Nath on Monday dismissed rumors that he is resigning from politics and would like to ‘rest at home’, Suchandana Gupta reports. “What I said was that I will take sanyas out of politics the day the people of Chhindwara tell me,” Nath told TOI. Nath has represented Chhindwara for 40 years.
Some media reports on Monday night claimed that while addressing a rally in Chhindwara on Sunday, the congressional veteran had hinted that he would retire from politics.
A video of the event has him saying, “I’m not greedy for posts. I have already accomplished a lot. What I have, no one else can have. I also want to sit at home … rest ”. The state congressional office has said he was misquoted.

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