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Rebel TMC leader Suvendu Adhikari’s reply to Mamata: ‘First I’m Indian, then Bengali’ | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid speculation that Trinamool Congress (TMC) rebel leader Suvendu Adhikari will join the BJP later this week in the presence of Interior Minister Amit Shah, the former West Bengal minister clashed on Tuesday with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the Outsider. -Internal controversy.
Apparently taking a step closer to the BJP, Suvendu criticized the TMC for the debate between internal and external and said that those who come from other states cannot be branded as outsiders.
Adhikari, who had resigned from the state cabinet and been distancing himself from the party for the past few months, said he is first Indian and then Bengali.
He also criticized the TMC leadership, saying it is giving more importance to the party than to the people.
Adhikari addressed the celebrations of the birth anniversary of the freedom fighter Satish Chandra Samanta in Haldia in the Purba Medinipur district.
Referring to the internal-external debate triggered by TMC’s leadership to counter the BJP in upcoming assembly polls, Adhikari said that Bengal is a very important part of India and that “people who come from other states cannot be treated how strange “.
He was indirectly responding to Mamata Banerjee’s tirade against the BJP.
Banerjee has been claiming that the BJP is an outsider party that has no place in the state. The supreme of the Trinamool Congress also said that it will never allow Bengal to become “Gujarat ravaged by riots”.
Last month, she had said: “There is no place for outsiders in Bengal. Those who come to the state only during elections and try to disturb the peace of the state are not welcome.”
Adhikari appeared to attack Banerjee when he said: “For us, first we are Indians and then Bengalis. Satish Chandra Samanta was a staunch MP from Medinipur. Even the country’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, used to respect him very much. Neither Satish Chandra Samanta” Never He called Nehru an outsider nor did Nehru ever call him a non-Hindi-speaking MP. There was mutual respect, “he said, echoing the saffron party’s views on the internal-external debate.
Samanta had left Bengal Engineering College as a student to participate in the fight for freedom. His leadership qualities came to the fore during the formation of a parallel government called Tamralipta Jatiya Sarkar (National Government of Tamrlipta) in Tamluk during the Quit India Movement. After independence, Samanta was a member of Parliament for more than three decades.
Attacking the TMC leaders, Adhikari said: “Why should there be a government of ‘by the party, by the party of the party’ in Bengal? This is democracy. We need to restore the rules according to the Constitution of India which establishes “For the people, for the people and for the people” … I am not greedy for jobs. All my life I have worked for the masses. ”
An influential leader with a mass base, Adhikari said that those who try to smear him will get an adequate response in the 2021 assembly polls.
“There are few people who are trying to smear me by saying that I longed for positions. I want to tell them that they will get an adequate response in the next assembly elections,” he said without naming anyone.

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