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Prime Minister Modi says that farmers around Delhi have been wrong; blame the opposition


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday blamed the opposition for the ongoing unrest by thousands of farmers, who have been protesting the three new farm laws by camping near Delhi’s borders, saying they have been misled.

“The people who are in the Opposition and who deceive the farmers today were in favor of these agricultural reforms during their government. They could not make a decision during his government. Today, when the nation has taken a historic step, these people are misleading farmers, “said Prime Minister Modi.

PM Modi addressed the public after laying the foundation stone for a desalination plant and a milk processing and packaging plant in Kutch, Gujarat.

“The country wonders why small farmers who produce cereals and legumes should not have the freedom to sell their crops. Agricultural reforms were in demand for years. Many farmers’ organizations have also demanded in advance that they be given the option to sell food grains anywhere, “said Prime Minister Modi, backing the provisions of laws recently passed by the government.

“Today, those who confuse farmers by sitting in opposition have supported these reforms in their time. They kept giving a false comfort to the farmers. When the country has taken these steps, now they are confusing the farmers, ”he said.

Prime Minister Modi said there is a conspiracy going on to confuse farmers. “They are afraid that after new agrarian reforms, others will occupy the land of farmers. Tell me, if a milkman hires you to express milk, does he take your animal? I ask.

Extending his support to the farmers through his leadership, PM Modi said: “Again I tell the farmer brothers and sisters that the government is ready 24 hours to answer all your questions. The interest of the farmers has been the priority of our government from day one. “

Thousands of farmers from Punjab and Haryana have been protesting in and around the national capital demanding the repeal of three farm laws, claiming it will cut their profits and give corporations greater control.

When the protests entered on the 20th, there have been no signs of a resolution to the confrontation between the farmers’ unions and the government. So far, the government side, represented by Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Food Minister Piyush Goyal and State Minister for Trade and Industries Som Prakash, have participated in five rounds of negotiations with 40 farmers’ unions without any resolution.

Enacted in September, the three agricultural laws have been projected by the Center as major reforms in the agricultural sector that will eliminate intermediaries and allow farmers to sell anywhere in the country. However, the many thousands of farmers protesting on Delhi’s borders have expressed fear that it will pave the way to remove the minimum support price (MSP) cushion and eliminate mandis, leaving them at the mercy of large corporations.

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