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Jaishankar: India needs to participate more in global chains | India News


NEW DELHI: Chancellor S Jaishankar said on Monday that the best contribution India could make to the world would be “to participate much more in global chains.”
“To do that, India has to get in shape. It is not going to happen because we are India … we will have to make changes, reforms, incentives, offer attractive conditions, “he said while addressing a technology summit of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) think tank. be more international, but we want to come to the table with more cards in hand, “he added.
Jaishankar said that the new world of geopolitics was closely related to the growth and development of technology, which in turn was a space where “trust” had become a key factor in international discourse. He added that both politics and technology were essential characteristics in the globalized world. “Much of the relationship between India and the United States is driven by technology,” he said.
The minister noted that the world was less “trusting” after Covid-19. The hardest hit was multilateralism, he said, repeating how the world was becoming more multipolar and less multilateral.
“Multilateralism is more associated with the UN. But at 75, the UN is almost anachronistic, ”he said. Large swaths of the world, such as Africa, were virtually unrepresented in the main UN councils, he added. India will join the UN Security Council for two years from January 2021. “We need to reform and renew multilateralism. Someone should hit the ‘update’ button on multilateralism, ”he added.

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